About this blog

Thank you for visiting. I'm a printmaker and painter living in York in the north of England and this blog is where I write about what goes on behind the scenes before finished pieces of work reach gallery walls or your online shopping cart.

Mostly I write about the making of my art, sharing with you the processes, the problems (and solutions), the frustrations and the triumphs.  Students who come along to my workshops know that I have little patience with 'trade secrets' as I think these only deprive people of the enjoyment they could have from making art themselves. I am more than happy to share with you some of the tips and ideas which I have picked up along the way.

A print coming off the press

But an artist's work can't be neatly separated from their daily life as it all has an effect on what ends up being made on the studio bench. So I also sometimes write about the things around me that make me who I am and make my art what it is. I hope you will enjoy being shown around my world and will perhaps take away something that you can try yourself.


  1. Just had a good look at your work and stuff. Love it. And this blog is great.

    1. Thanks so much Alison! That's really kind.


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